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When I decided to start this “blog thing,” I got entirely overwhelmed-What will I name it? What will it look like? What will I write about? It’s really easy for me to get lost in the details and not see the bigger picture here, though it hit me like a ton of bricks when it finally came to me-Pruning the Rose.

It’s something God has been showing me consistently about the last 7 years of my life-something that hasn’t gone away and keeps coming back. You know when you get mad so you choose to ignore something or someone? Or maybe you just tell yourself now isn’t the right time, I’ll deal with it later. Ya, that’s me. I really don’t like to deal with the ugly stuff because I mean, who does? But when it comes right down to it-it’s about becoming better, becoming ourselves and who God has designed us to be. I am not perfect-I fail Him daily and many others. But this is my journey, my journey to peace, forgiveness and seeing myself as He sees me.

A couple of months ago I had someone whom I had never met before pray specfically for me and this is what you see above. She was praying for me and this was what the Lord was telling her. I can’t even explain how I felt because I was so overcome with emotion. I’ve heard this many times in my life from numerous people-He’s pruning you to be His rose. Then last month I went to IF:Gathering(which was awesome by the way-click here for info on that IF:Gathering) and a large part of our study was centered around John 15:2-Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” How crazy is that? That whenever we are mad or bitter towards Him, He never stops seeking us and that’s exactly what He has been doing with me.

Here’s my grandad Bill, my aunt Brenda and mom on her horse in January 1965. It’s the closest picture we could find that shows his tattoo of the rose on his right shoulder.

I’ve always loved roses and really just flowers period but roses have just always been my favorite. I never knew why and I’ve just been exploring that recently. I was sharing all of this with my mom and she brought up that my grandad, who I never got to meet, had a rose tattoo on his arm. I thought this was too cool because him and I are the only ones in our family that have gotten tattoos! I just felt that this was yet another nod from God saying “Hey, I’m talking to you!”(He’s pretty good at grabbing my attention-just FYI.)

So there you have it-my insanely long post about why I’m going on this crazy journey of being well, pruned. I want to grow, I want to be more like Him and I want to seek Him in all things. Butttttttt…….

What is a blog without the fun girly stuff that I love so much too? I will be writing about my journey on here but also touching on fashion, books and just things I love so feel free to check out those pages on my website. I hope you enjoy the ride and maybe, just maybe-it might be entertaining.