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As goes most Sundays, I was needing some brunch in my life. Per usual Gene came through for the win(Google in hand) and found Cedar Grove which had just opened. We headed over with my brother and his girlfriend(whose presence on this outing is essential) because I don’t want y’all to see the obscene amount of food we ordered and think that Gene & I destroyed all of this by ourselves. Could we? Absolutely, no questions asked. But this particular day we did not.

Part of what makes Cedar Grove so awesome is the atmosphere and interior design of the space. It also has a farm-to-table concept to the menu and if you read the blog much, you know I love fresh ingredients.  I have not been to many groves of cedar trees(get it) but I would definitely imagine that this is what it would feel like. The whole back wall is solid mirrors which opens up the space even more. I believe we had to have a 20 minute discussion about whether or not the restaurant was that big or if it was mirrors. Gene won, again. Perks of their seating: they can seat large parties and they even have a long bar height table that has a wall-mounted iPad with a selfie light around it. WHAT?!? Yes. You and all your pals can get this table, and take a group pic without pestering the wait staff or deciding who has the longest arms. I’m not exactly sure how you get the pics but I’m sure you can just text them to yourself or something because, technology. Duh. But their picnic style seating also has its disadvantages, like people you don’t know sitting REALLY close to you. Moral of the story-don’t go here for an intimate one-on-one dinner or private conversation. It could get weird. But for weekend brunch with all the other brunchers, totally fun.



These are obviously deviled eggs. Not just any deviled eggs, but whipped to perfection, topped with pickled onions and Cedar Grove’s own tiny, house-made hot sauce deviled eggs. Oh and there’s bacon involved, so yeah. It was everything we could do to not drink the hot sauce. It was that good y’all.


See what I mean? I needed to explain that there were others with us. What we learned is that Cedar Grove does chicken really well. Particularly fried chicken which if ordered, comes out on a massive cutting board. All four of us ate on it and 30 minutes after it was brought out, it was still piping hot and super crispy. The biscuits & gravy were perfect and exactly what a Southern classic should be-left alone. And if you’re looking for something less fried, then the “build your own omelette” is the way to go. Complete with guacamole and a side of potatoes-you can’t beat it. Last but not least is the hot chicken sandwich. Is it a Chick-Fil-A sandwich? No. But can it fill the void on a Sunday? Most definitely. As you can see, it comes with slaw, pickles and tabasco sauce so there’s not much else needed for perfection.

Will we be back? You bet! I would love to go to happy hour or dinner here just to see the different menu options. Check out their website here to make reservations and see the picture below of their brunch menu.

Cedar Grove brunch menu as of 8/28/16 Cedar Grove brunch menu as of 8/28/16

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