Note the triple z in Sundazzze. We are pretty lazy on Sundays but lately we have been participating in the notorious phenomena that is Sunday Funday. If you’re unfamiliar, boy are you missing out. And Sunday Funday must always include brunch. Period. The end. Coming from West Texas where brunch is not quite the staple it is here in Dallas, I have fallen in love. I have high hopes that it will catch on quickly there, but enough about brunch-let’s talk about Greenville Ave.

Photo by Scott Womack

While we like to try and jump around to experience new places, we always seem to find our way back to Greenville Ave and the Lower Greenville area. It pulls you in with its charm and cool vibes. I would say if you had to give it a label, it would be the less crazy and a little more chill version of 6th street in Austin. At night it turns into an entertainment district with bars and restaurants everywhere but during the day it’s just as fun.

Which brings me to HG SPLY CO., my favorite place to grab a bite on Greenville. What makes me love it the most is that it’s clean eating. The food and even the ingredients used in the craft cocktails are all natural. I always say I’m going to get something different every time we go but I always end up getting one of their bowls. Anything with avocado and a fried egg over sweet potato hash is usually screaming my name. Their food is so simple but flavorful at the same time. It’s just flat out delicious and you must go try it-it will not disappoint! And while the food is amazing, even more so is the rooftop view. I could rant and rave about this place even more(and their vegan chips & queso OMG) but I will just let you stare at the pictures and drool because that’s all it takes is just a picture of their food and I’m starving. Checkout their website here or order in tonight on Postmates.

HG Sply Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Next up is dessert because well, of course & why not? And what’s even more surprising is that it’s a popsicle. Yup that’s right and yet again they are made from certified organic ingredients that are locally sourced when possible. If you love popsicles, you have to try one that hasn’t been made with any artificial ingredients-it will blow your mind! A few of my favorite flavors are strawberry balsamic, root beer and amaretto cream(it has an amaretto cookie inside which reminds me of our wedding cake so it’s my FAV). They do rotate flavors quite often due to the seasonal availability of ingredients but I would much rather be forced to try something new than eat fake ingredients. Checkout their menu and go get in line to grab a popsicle or 5!

A few other places that I must visit while down on Lowest Greenville are Bullzerk to grab an awesome t-shirt and celebrity saint candle, Good Records(because if you haven’t listened to music on a record player you haven’t lived and vinyl is making a comeback) and last but not least the ever famous Trader Joe’s for free samples and juice(we love their juices & teas). I know for a fact we haven’t even explored half of Greenville Avenue so stay tuned for more deliciousness and be sure to checkout the street art above.