Trinity Groves is what I like to think of as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow-or bridge, specifically the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. This bridge, which has quickly become a staple of the Dallas skyline, opened in 2012 and serves as a beacon that points us all to the most awesome food & culture that West Dallas is becoming. Trinity Groves gives new startups the opportunity to take their ideas to the public & successful restauranteurs who in the end, could make them just as successful. It’s truly an amazing concept that helps grow our local businesses, community and economy. It’s definitely not hard on the eyes either. I have seen so many pictures at Christmas time and I cannot wait to come eat among all the gorgeous lights. But for now let’s just focus on the food.

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Amberjax Fish Market Grille at Trinity Groves

Ahhh Amberjax…..*sigh.* For those of you that know me, you know that Seattle & The Pike Place Fish Market are both at the top of my bucket list. Now Amberjax isn’t exactly Pike Place with fish flying all over the place but once you walk in and see all the gorgeous black & white photos you will get what I mean. There’s a sense of history and overall warmth throughout the restaurant. We went on a Friday evening and it was definitely buzzing with lots of energy and laughs. Our server was Kenneth & he was so awesome(if you go you must get him-he wears a tophat). He guided us through the permanent menu and their ever-changing chalkboard wall. They receive seafood shipped in from all over the world so the menu on the wall changes with the market daily and they can basically make you any dish you want as long as the fish is on the wall. We stuck to the classics-Hatch green chile crab cakes which were HEAVEN ON A PLATE, gumbo & the always amazing lobster roll. Lobster rolls are so simple but can really be overdone but this one did not disappoint. The lobster was so fresh and the toasted bun was so buttery and flaky. All in all-you need to go to Amberjax if you’re a seafood lover, you just have to!

Cake Bar at Trinity Groves

Cake Bar is the reason we skipped dessert at Amberjax- which leads me to discuss something very important! Y’all, I feel like cake gets overlooked-a lot. It’s been all about the cupcake for so long but I’m more of a cake fan due to the even distribution of icing in between the layers and not just one huge glob on top. On a Friday evening the line was out the door-OUT THE DOOR, but it was totally worth the wait and the line moves quickly. Even though their name is Cake Bar they have a selection of cookies and I would like to try one someday but I just can’t, not with all the delicious cakes they have. Currently they are serving 13-16 flavors a day-we got carrot cake & German chocolate(my FAV.) It is very rare that I find something sold commercially that I can compare to my grandma’s baking but these cakes do it. You can taste the Southern hospitality and love that is baked into each and every slice. They even have Hummingbird cake which is a staple cake of the South and grandmas everywhere. I love love that I can go here and get a taste of a moist, homemade slice of cake with the perfect ratio of cake to icing, because that is about as important as the flavor of the cake to me. Check out their website here and even order whole cakes for parties or events.

Photo courtesy of trinity

There are so many restaurants to eat at in Trinity Groves. Make sure to click here to visit their website and even make reservations at many of their restaurants. You can also go to your app store to download their free app on Apple or Android. I installed the app myself and will be using it to make many more visits to the other restaurants that call Trinity Groves home. Go explore, eat and have some fun!