First off I would like to apologize to all North Texans and state fair enthusiasts everywhere. I just did not understand the hype at all. But I get it now, I get it. Big Tex is one of the coolest things I have ever seen and the corny dogs ARE that delicious. But now that that’s out of the way, lets move on. Did you know the Texas State Fair almost didn’t happen? Yup. A group of Dallas businessmen came together to start what was going to be called the Dallas State Fair, but the men could not agree on a location for the fairgrounds. C.A. Keating went out with his supporters and started the Texas State Fair at what is now Fair Park. They even opened the fair 1 day prior to their opposers to give them one last burn(ha). There is so much history that surrounds the Texas State Fair that I could not possibly tell you all of it but I thought that was such a cool little tidbit.


But guys, what is the fair REALLY about? The food. Specifically the fried food. Right as we entered the gates we stopped for a Fletcher’s corny dog. It was so amazing that we went back and split a jalapeño cheddar one. I liked both but I personally will be sticking with the classic. We tried a fried s’more, fried Jello and a fried PB & J. And let me just tell you, I don’t even like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches but oh my gosh this was HEAVEN. So good! The Jello was on my must-have list but I honestly wasn’t that impressed. To wash it all down we tried the cherry limeade and it was absolutely delicious. I kinda consider myself a cherry limeade snob so you can trust me on this one. After sampling all of this, it was bottled water for the rest of the night because obviously I could not even smell fried food anymore without gagging. So naturally we thought it would be a great idea to go play carnival games and ride crazy rides. GENIUS.


The rides, oh the rides. First we rode the “Crazy Mouse” which looks like a kiddie ride from far off. It’s definitely not and we discovered how old we really are after getting off of this ride. There’s endless spinning, unexpected drops and countless twist & turns. We survived this ride and even got a super hideous theme park picture taken at the worst possible moment. Tonsils were exposed. It was not even remotely cute. Then we went and got in line at the “Techno Power” because our stomachs weren’t queasy enough apparently. The lights and blaring techno music draw you in line for this one. Once we were locked in the “holding area,” meaning we were riding next, we realized this ride was a lot more than we bargained for but there was no backing out. We all went and jumped in our chairs, pulled down the safety bars and said our prayers. There was spinning, SO MUCH SPINNING, questionable consciousness and so much speed my cheeks were flapping. I vowed to never ride that ride again once we were freed from the harnesses of evil. I will say this: state fair rides do not mess around.

We missed a few things here and there but I think that’s part of the fun-being able to start a list of things to do/eat for next year. The line was a little lengthy on the ferris wheel so that one will be saved for next year, that’s for certain.  And the Swan Lake paddle boats WILL be happening. So tell me, what’s your favorite food and/or ride at your local fair or the Texas State Fair?