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By now I’m pretty sure that everyone has figured out that we have moved to Dallas. Apparently it came as quite the shock given all the surprised reactions and “what(s)?” that we got on Facebook-haha. I assure you that our motive was not to fool anyone but to be quite blunt-we didn’t want a lot of opinions or chatter clouding our decision. We felt that this was what was best for us and honestly didn’t feel like it was anyone else’s business(sorry just how I feel). And guess what? So far it has been the best move for us and we have thoroughly been enjoying every second here.

Now that we are here and all settled in, I wanted to share what led to our decision to uproot our lives. Well-as some of you know my brother and his girlfriend live here and we began visiting more often last year. We were having so much fun here that I started crying on the way home(dramatic I know) but it was just one of those things where Gene and I just felt like hey, maybe we could live here? We talked ourselves out of it many times seeing as how we had just built a house and most of our family was there. But something was still missing. Our jobs had us both stressed out to our max-all the time. And there were not many options outside of the oilfield for us to go to. Luckily we were very blessed and neither of us were affected by the economy as far as layoffs go-but while we still had our jobs, we were taking pay-cuts and doing more work than we were before. Free time and relaxation time was few & far between. Not the ideal situation.

In April it seemed that Gene and I both got to the point where we were tired about talking about it and just wanted to step out on a leap of faith. We said if our house sold for what we wanted, then it was meant to be and we would go to Dallas. And just like that, our house had a contract on it in 48 hours. We had 1 month to move! Yikes! Neither of us had jobs so that was a bit scary but we had some wiggle room with finances and were so excited. We got an apartment on May 7th and moved up here June 10th-it was a whirlwind! Leaving our family and friends was so hard but we will most definitely be making trips back to Midland.

Gene was offered a job the Monday after we moved up here and he loves it! There’s so many opportunities here and things to do. We had some free time to sight see and mom has already been to visit. I myself am job searching and following up on a few leads. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with blessings this week just by being here. We are so lucky to be able to live in the country we do that allows us to choose our occupation or even where we want to live. I’m so happy that we stepped out on this leap of faith and that God has provided. I really want to live a life that does not leave room for doubt or fear. And that is something I work towards everyday. I challenge everyone to look at their life with a “why not?” aspect. Your life is WAY too short to not be lived to the fullest!