Instagram has breathed some life into the street art world, thanks to tons of exposure from bloggers alike and photographers searching for the perfect backdrop. After moving here to Dallas, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon and decided it was time to go on a hunt for the most sought after backgrounds for profile pics. I plan on stumbling upon many many more of these but this is as far as our adventures has taken me-so far.

Bishop Arts

Bishop Arts has some of the most original and somewhat controversial displays such as the Lee Harvey Oswald mugshot piece shown above. My favorite is the oh so bright Oak Cliff Catwoman.

Design District

I definitely have plans to go back and discover even more of the pieces in the Design District. There are SO MANY!!!! And some of the shops located here have the most awesome doors that serve as the perfect backdrop themselves.

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum has by far my favorite pieces. From the hairless cat to the pink Cadillac to Marilyn Monroe-it doesn’t disappoint.

Lower Greenville/Knox-Henderson

Even restaurants in the ares have murals and street art inside, and maybe a sense of humor too! But when I find a mural of a matador-I must simply stop and get my guns up (Wreck’em Tech!) Many, many Instagram profile pics have been taken in front of these walls and it’s obvious why-they’re so bright, fun and colorful!

Trinity Groves

To me, Trinity Groves has some of the most meaningful murals. My favorite mural in Dallas so far is located here-the hands letting the birds fly.

AT&T Stadium-Home of the Dallas Cowboys

I know, I know-AT&T Stadium isn’t exactly a street but boy does it have art! The Jones family takes great pride in the art that is displayed throughout the stadium and these are just a few of the many pieces there. I can’t wait to go visit The Star in Frisco and see what they have installed there.