An area of Dallas that we had been wanting to explore was Deep Ellum. One thing that I just love about Dallas is that you can drive 10 minutes and the feel, culture and energy of the city can totally change. Just to give you some background on Deep Ellum, it’s been around for awhile-the late 1800s to be exact. It was a big contributor to industrial development in Dallas seeing as how Henry Ford had one of his first automobile plants here. But what it’s most known for is its contribution to the jazz music scene. You can read more about Deep Ellum’s history here.

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We started with dinner at the Independent Bar & Kitchen which definitely has a European flair to it. They give an upgrade to European classics such as fish & chips(which I had for dinner and it was amazing) and Scotch eggs. Their cocktail menu and selection of beer & wine does not disappoint at all. What I love the most about IBK is that they really focus on using local and sustainably raised ingredients. It’s definitely a trend that is catching on amongst the restaurant scene and I hope it sticks. I like knowing that my food was raised responsibly and I’m not going to grow a third ear from eating it.

When it comes to decor and the vibe of the restaurant, it definitely feels like an old but trendy English pub. Disclaimer: I haven’t been to England but if someone wants to take me there feel free-I imagine this is what a pub in England would feel like. There’s plenty of seating and I personally love that there are tables beside big picture windows so I can people watch and see what’s going on down the street. Overall our experience at IBK was awesome and I would definitely recommend it for a fun night out! You can visit their website & checkout their menu here.

Next on the list was visiting BrainDead Brewing-and it was awesome. I love the quirkiness of this place and I felt like every which way I turned I found something new and different to entertain me. You can actually see the guts of the place and what is being brewed which was very fascinating to me. There’s also some crazy metal sculptures and art all around the patio that are just the coolest. The only way I can really describe this place is like visiting Lizzie’s gift shop in Radiator Springs from the Disney movie Cars.The beer was delicious of course and there was plenty to choose from. The only advice I would have for someone visiting this place would be to sit on the patio in some shade! It was HOT inside!! They had multiple doors open because they were so busy so it was getting a little steamy inside but this is the perfect place to go during patio season or after sunset. To check out more about BrainDead Brewing click here.

Lastly, I just want to share some of the cool things to do that are still on my to-do list. You can rent bikes from Local Hub Bike Co. They are all about all things bicycle related. They do tune-ups, you can rent them and you can even purchase bikes from them to check out the area. I also want to take a tour of Deep Ellum Brewing which has become wildly popular these past couple of years. Their beer “Dallas Blonde” is one of my absolute favs! And of course, everyone needs to visit the Pecan Lodge for what is known as some of the best barbecue in Dallas. There’s so many places that I’m sure I will visit and will definitely write about them as I go. And hey-just a stroll through Deep Ellum is the coolest because of all the art and graffiti. Checkout some of my pics, I hope you enjoy!