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Boredom had officially set in this past Sunday and I needed to get out of the apartment-FAST. It was rainy and I wanted to be out celebrating that my face was no longer going to be melting when I stepped outside. Gene suggested we go explore Historic Downtown Grapevine since he’s over there for work all the time and as usual with his suggestions, it didn’t disappoint. It just feels like you are taking a step back in time and it’s so…slow, but in the best way. Grapevine is just overflowing with history and culture. We loved it! There are some shops and things that we missed since it was a Sunday so we will definitely be going back just to see the glassblowing at Vetro Glassblowing.

Sloan & Williams Winery

Sloan & Williams Winery is one of many on Main Street and in Grapevine in general (hence the name Grapevine) and there was no rhyme or reason we decided to stop in this one but I’m so glad we did. It had started to rain and I forgot the umbrella so we ducked in here and decided to do a tasting. I was totally blown away when we stepped inside. The storefront does not do the inside bar justice. It is so gorgeous! We decided to sit at the bar and do a tasting & cheese plate. I decided to do Texas wines while Gene did the sweet stuff. I would have to say, our favorites were their Texas Rose (a moscato taste), Spectrum Blush & the Temptation port wine. They do have a wine club so make sure to check out their website & buy yourself some wine-they even ship!

Sloan & Williams Winery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Main Street Bistro & Bakery

We walked and stopped in a few more shops, even bought some homemade soap at A Hole In The Wall, which smells amazing and is made with all natural ingredients. Then, you guessed it-It started raining again. And what does rain call for? Hot tea! Gene said when he’s driving by that Main Street Bistro & Bakery is always busy. Their pastries & quiches looked divine but I was a good girl and only had tea. We sat in the bakery but they have a bistro next door that looks like something you would find in New York. Lunch there is on my list for next time.

Main Street Bistro & Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Farmers Market of Grapevine

If you know me, you know I love farmers markets. And with it being fall and all, it only felt appropriate to take as many pictures possible of pumpkins. This farmers market had so many different twists on classic treats such as jalapeño peanut brittle, local honey and tons of different pickle options. Gene & I are obsessed with pickles so we naturally bought the biggest jar they had or barrel, it’s basically a barrel of pickles. Then it happened you guys, they offered us tamale samples. They were so good that Gene had to stop by Wednesday on his way home from work and buy a dozen chicken & a dozen pork with Hatch green chiles for dinner. We’re officially addicted.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad & The Cotton Belt Route

One of the biggest attractions that pulls tourists to Grapevine is the railroad that has been preserved so well. The train is still in operation and you can ride it either to the Fort Worth Stockyards or depart from the Stockyards and travel along the Trinity River. They also offer many special events like the North Pole Express around Christmas time and Christmas Wine Trains for adults that feature a different local winery every ride. I always have a countdown to Christmas going on but even more so now-I can’t wait to come visit and see all the lights. Be sure to check the train schedule, purchase tickets  and read more about the railroad’s history here.

Bass Pro Shops

This was a Gene stop-obviously. I mostly just added this to feature my pictures of the fish. I can watch them for hours and I can really do without seeing the rattlesnakes in their little habitat. But I fully enjoy playing the arcade game where you shoot at the random old-western items on the porch. The inner child inside me has to play every time we go. This visit always includes Gene looking at boats for our future retirement lakehouse and me kayak shopping.

Mi Dia-From Scratch

Literally the ONLY pic I got of our awesome meal because I was SO HUNGRY!!! And Gene had to remind me to take this one...but just in case you were wondering, this is table side guacamole. AKA Heaven in a bowl. Literally the ONLY pic I got of our awesome meal because I was SO HUNGRY!!! And Gene had to remind me to take this one…but just in case you were wondering, this is table side guacamole. AKA Heaven in a bowl.

Mi Dia from Scratch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
To wrap up our awesome day we stopped to have dinner at Mi Dia. I was craving chips & salsa and this place was highly recommended on Zomato. (You can click on the above box to see reviews and other information.) In case you’re not from Texas you should know that we judge the whole restaurant based on its chips & salsa. This salsa was served in a yin-yang style of red & green versions-it passed with flying colors. The guacamole was also a must-order once we walked in and saw how many tables were ordering it. It was so fresh and definitely hit the spot. Gene had fajitas and I tried a “make your own” combo with a margarita to wash it down. We both were very quiet once the food arrived so I would say it got the stamp of approval form both of us. Our server was also great and very attentive. Overall-it was an amazing experience and you should go eat some guac, bottom line.

We will most definitely be back to Grapevine, probably a lot more times. Go and see and taste and explore this awesome historic city!