The Bishop Arts District is an up & coming neighborhood just south of Downtown Dallas and right in the middle of Oak Cliff. If you like to shop local and support small businesses, this is the place to go. Bishop Arts is Dallas’ self-proclaimed “most independent neighborhood.” There are over 60 different businesses featured in this hometown square setup. What I love most about Bishop Arts is their focus on exactly that, the arts. There are quite a few art galleries, shops that feature local artisans, street art murals and even live music. The kiddo in me just loves coming down here to visit all the pups hanging out with their owners on the street and swinging on the big swing by the Dallas Strong mural. But what we came down here for was obviously, the food.


Eno’s Pizza Tavern

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If you know me, or anyone in my family for that matter, you know we LOVE pizza. I had heard rave reviews from many people about how delicious Eno’s Pizza Tavern was and the reviews did not even do it justice! We ordered the cheesy artichoke dip for an appetizer and I honestly could have made a meal out of it and ate the whole thing by myself. The whole thing. I love artichoke or spinach dip so I make it a point to order it whenever it’s on the menu and so far, this is my favorite in Dallas. Their cocktail, wine and beer selection was vast and local. In the picture above you will see I had a Red-Handed but I believe that was just a summer seasonal drink. It was good! I also love how they feature mostly Texas brewers on their beer list(there’s lots of Texas love here in Dallas y’all). Another must order for me? The caprese salad. The Texan in me might not be able to pronounce it correctly but I somehow got the point across to order my favorite salad ever. It’s another item that I try to always order when I see it on the menu and Eno’s did it right. I appreciate that they gave me a wide variety of tomato sizes(diced, sliced and cherry) and didn’t drown it in balsamic vinegar. The fresh mozzarella & basil on top kept it real too. Real good. The most important part of this meal was CLEARLY the pizza which I forgot to take a picture of because I’m awesome like that BUT I can tell you that we had the Pineapple Fresca and Supreme pizzas between the 3 of us, and there was not much left. My favorite was the Pineapple Fresca which has pineapple, arugula & parmesan salad, fresh jalapeños, reggianito and ham. It was refreshing and the crust was perfectly crispy. I would like to take this moment to say that I don’t discriminate against my pizza. I don’t prefer a particular style. I can appreciate  thin & crispy just as much as a deep dish. I am an equal opportunity pizza eater. And on that note, we’re on to dessert.

Emporium Pies

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I like to travel for dessert. The food must settle before dessert is presented so that it can be thoroughly appreciated. We rarely eat dessert at the restaurant we have dinner unless dessert is just that highly rated. Some may call it weird, I call it strategic. And I know what else you’re thinking-“She forgot to take pictures of the pizza at a pizza tavern but took 5,000 pictures of pie.” Yup, sure did. This is a judgement-free zone remember? Now, back to the pie. I was warned that there would be a line whatever time of day I went, and there was. I was also told to just suck it up and stand in it because it would be worth it and, it was. There were SO MANY PIES and tons of people squished into this tiny, adorable house. The line went very quickly and fair warning: the pies do sell out! These are homemade and they taste like it. My Grannie will kick me for saying this but this is the best pie crust I have ever tasted and I don’t like crust. I have tried the coconut cream(summer seasonal: complete with calf slobber, also known as meringue) and the Smooth Operator(pictured) which is a French silk chocolate pie with a pretzel crust. It was so good that I couldn’t wait to take a bite which is why there is a picture of my half-eaten pie slice. And their packaging! It is my most favorite feature and a really personal touch that they add to their product. I also thoroughly enjoy their sassy cross-stitched signs at the checkout counter. For locals: a new location is open in Deep Ellum! For non-locals: you can order pies and they ship them via UPS! Who’s getting one for Thanksgiving??? ME!! Check out their adorable website & place your orders here.

To wrap it all up, I thoroughly recommend visiting The Bishop Arts District if you are traveling through Dallas and if you’re a local, you should check it out! There is so much to offer and you are supporting your local businesses. And stay tuned! I’m sure we will be venturing back to try more restaurants.