Whenever someone asks me what my favorite food is or my favorite meal, I answer without a doubt-biscuits & gravy. This probably comes from a childhood of sitting on the counter while my grandma made (FROM SCRATCH) biscuits in a cast iron skillet, every morning for breakfast. This was also accompanied by scrambled eggs, sausage patties & pepper gravy that she made in the same pan she fried the sausage in. So I guess you could say, I have very high standards as to what I consider a worthy biscuit. But y’all the Biscuit Bar in Plano gives my nostalgia a run for it’s money.

I kept seeing this cute new brunch spot pop up all over Instagram & I figured it was a must-try.  What’s the most important component to brunch-a good cocktail of course! Mimosas are our go-to however, The Brunch Punch is where it’s at. And with tons of adorable signage to raise your glass to-it’s totally #instaworthy. Now when it comes to ordering, I tend to be more of a traditionalist so I ordered the Bacon Egg + Cheese-which is exactly like it sounds. The hubs ordered the Biscuit French Toast and the Biscuits & Sausage Gravy. (Sidenote: I don’t know if y’all are aware but calories don’t count on Sunday so happy brunching.) I’m not one for sweets usually but I had to help finish off the Biscuit French Toast-SOOOO GOOD. Our friends ordered the Hot Hot Chicken (which was so good he ordered another to-go) and the Monte Cristo. The surprise MVP of the meal though, was the Fully Loaded Tater Tots. They were the perfect crunchy side to the fluffiest biscuits I’ve ever had.

What makes The Biscuit Bar so special is their story– one of family, friends & biscuits. Make sure to venture out to Granite Park in Plano & support this family owned business. They have awesome Happy Hour specials Monday through Friday! Check out their menu & your plan of attack on those biscuits.

*Update-as of 1/11/2020 Biscuit Bar has multiple locations in the DFW area including The Boardwalk @ Granite Park in Plano, SMU/University Park & Deep Ellum.*