Yup you are reading this correctly-we have been official Dallasites (I did not make this term up) for one whole year. There are days when it seems like we just got here and others where I feel we’ve lived here our whole lives. And while it feels like I’m finally getting the swing of things and catching up to the fast pace of Dallas, there was definitely a learning curve. So in honor of our anniversary, I’m sharing with you things that I’ve learned since moving here-some of them are ridiculous but absolutely necessary while others are extremely relevant. You’re welcome.

  1. Traffic is just plain stupid. Everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you live, what time you leave or how many prayers you throw up to Jesus to try and get traffic to part like the Red Sea-it will not. That’s not to say that traffic (or lack thereof) will never be in your favor. But I will just go ahead and warn you, if there is a pebble in the road or a drop in the sky and you’re on I-35-just put it in park.
  2. People are VERY specific about where they live. There’s no such thing as living in Dallas-period. You either live in Uptown, Lower Greenville, Knox-Henderson or the burbs(other areas obviously not mentioned but I can’t possibly list them all.) So save yourself the breath of just saying Dallas and be specific dang it!
  3. The food scene is never-ending. AND I LOVE IT! There are so many options to choose from when it comes to restaurants here and you never have to eat at the same place twice. There’s a wide range of ethnic foods and of course steakhouses far and wide….this is Texas people.
  4. Valet is offered(and sometimes forced) everywhere. Valet is super convenient when there is zero parking, you’re running late or when you happen to have cash on you. I’m annoyingly on-time (or early) most of the time and I never have cash so, ya. I love it when there’s zero parking (which happens more often than not) but I have been to places where they make you valet then walk 3 steps to their door. Annoying. But when Christmas season is upon us and North Park Mall is an animal house and you have to go because you procrastinated on gifts, take my money valet stand, take it all.
  5. Brunch is a religion of its own. I’m not kidding you when I tell you this was one of my top 5 reasons for wanting to move to Dallas. I specifically remember saying “Brunch every weekend in Dallas would be so fun, we should move there.” Obviously there were many more important reasons to move but holy moly. I. Love. Brunch. Champagne with breakfast(orange juice optional)? Winning. Breakfast served till 2 pm? Winning. Being offered the option of ordering lunch but knowing I’m not going to? Definitely winning. The city of Dallas shows up for brunch in a big way so reservations are a must, and bring your shades for the optimal patio experience.
  6. To Dallas, there are only 4 sports teams in the entire world. The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks are the heart and soul of the city and I can get behind 3 out of the 4. I am, and forever will be, a San Antonio Spurs fan. People have tried to convert me due to my proximity to the AA Center but I just can’t do it. But a Rangers, Cowboys or Stars game? I’m there, painting my face, bleeding team colors and screaming my face off-let’s do it.
  7. You can get anything delivered to your door in about an hour. Favor, YelpEat 24, Grubhub, Postmates and Amazon are just a few of the apps that will change your life. Or ruin your waistline. Either way, they take convenience to a whole ‘nother level. I know that everyone has Amazon in this day and age but living somewhere where same-day delivery is an option sets my soul on fire.
  8. The weather here has multiple personalities. I’m from Texas so I’m used to the yo-yo temperatures but the thunderstorms here are crazy. I also survived the “Snowstorm of 2017″ where .1” (yes you read that right, point 1 inches) of snow set the city into a frenzy and made the entire traffic map for all of DFW red. It was 70 degrees the following Monday-yay Texas.
  9. Art is something that the city is really invested in. Walking downtown sometimes feels like a museum to me in a way. There’s all sorts of outdoor sculpture, art installations and tons of street art/murals. The art museums are unreal and so many amazing exhibits travel through here. So far I think Deep Ellum is my favorite place to go mural hunting but exploring all the streets has become a favorite passtime of mine. Check out my favorite Dallas street art and get all the Insta pics!
  10. Fort Worth and Dallas are night and day different. I don’t know why but until I moved here I grouped the 2 together. They couldn’t be more different and it’s really fun and convenient to head over to Fort Worth for the day when we want a change of pace. No, I’m not saying the Fort Worth is a slow, hillbilly town by any means. It just a slower pace, different culture and usually friendlier people. I feel like everyone goes out of their way to greet you or hold the door for you-it’s so nice! But I will say that I’m always so excited to see the Dallas skyline when we come home. It still makes me all starry-eyed.

So there you have it folks-what one whole year in Dallas has taught me. Has it been 100% easy to transition into living here? No. Has it been worth it? A million times YES! This year has been one of the funnest years of my life and I cannot wait to see what Dallas has in store for us for year 2.